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A clear parking strategy is an essential part of a School or University Master Plan.


Our consultants have extensive experience with Campus parking issues. Contact Mary Seymour or Kelvin Worthington on +61 2 8920 0800.

Changes to campus parking systems are often fraught with political challenges and traffic management implications. We can assist in developing a parking solution that is both technically sound and considers the needs of the community and the environment.

PTC has assisted a number of Universities in determining ways of maximising the operational efficiency of their campus parking, including:

  • Assessment of the surrounding road network to understand on-street activity and capacity.
  • Identifying the most effective allocation of parking to different categories of parker (staff, students, visitors).
  • Review of payment methods and collection (permits, pay and display, etc.).
  • Advice on parking pricing strategies, and review of parking rules.
  • Design of effective wayfinding signage to enable drivers to find the most convenient parking station on campus.
  • Performance specification and tendering of dynamic signage to direct users around the campus.

We also have worked with several Secondary School campuses, providing input to the Masterplan process, and assisting with traffic management and safety issues. These projects involved an assessment of current on-street activity, traffic and pedestrian surveys, student and parent surveys (to determine modal split), traffic management plans, community consultation and traffic impact studies for redevelopments or new facilities.


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