Traffic Management Plans


Traffic Management PlansAre you planning to work on a public road?


Make sure you have organised a Traffic Management Plan/Traffic Control Plan before you start, and don’t forget to “Dial before you Dig”!


Contact Steve Wellman on +61 2 8920 0800 to organise your TMP or TCP.

Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) are required in relation to any works or infrequent activity occurring within the road network. Typically this relates to construction sites, which generally involve temporary disturbances within the road network, but also includes special events where the associated traffic activity differs greatly from normal circumstances.

Our traffic engineers are familiar with the requirements of the Consent Authorities and can provide a vital interface between the client and the Consenting Authority. Our engineers hold Red and Orange RMS Cards meaning that we can either adapt standard Traffic Control Plans (TCP) or design a new TCP to suit the particular needs of a situation.