Traffic Impact Assessments

Traffic Impact Assessments


Almost every DA requires a Traffic Impact Assessment. Make sure your traffic report includes all of the critical components which will ensure a smooth approval process.


Contact Senior Traffic Engineer, Andrew Morse on +61 2 8920 0800 to discuss your project.

Our traffic engineers can provide clients with Traffic and Parking Assessment Reports, which are typically required for Development Applications, Masterplans and Subdivision developments.

In relation to the external road network, our reports present the consent authority with:

  • A comprehensive description of the road network and prevailing traffic conditions in the vicinity of the project;
  • The likely traffic activity associated with a proposed project;
  • The effect of the project related traffic activity upon the road network and whether any remedial works are required.
  • An assessment of the available alternative modes of transport to ensure proposed parking supply does not exceed requirements.

We are able to incorporate intersection modelling and vehicle turning path analysis to ensure that proposed developments are viable in terms of both design and overall traffic impact.  Our traffic specialists utilise industry-recognised software tools such as SIDRA, Autotrack, Azalient Commuter and AutoCAD.