Signage & Wayfinding



The car park is the “front door” to your development.


If you help drivers and pedestrians to navigate complex layouts with well-designed and well-placed signage, they will keep coming back! 


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It is often forgotten that car parks are built for people, as much as they are built for cars.

Signage within car parks and on the access roads leading to them is essential to inform drivers and pedestrians of where they need to go and to locate their vehicles at the conclusion of their visit. Signage can be either static or dynamic (or a combination of both) depending on car park layout, access, capacity, and demand.

Parking guidance systems (PGS), security and wayfinding will help to maximise your car park’s revenue and improve user convenience.  Any technology must be designed specifically to the needs of the individual car park and those of its intended customers.  Our performance-based PGS technical specifications and independent recommendations are based on identifying the unique needs of each car park and meeting those needs with the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment.

QIC (Canberra Center) Parking Guidance System

QIC (Canberra Centre) Parking Guidance System

Signage Plan

Signage Plan