Revenue Maximisation

Revenue Maximisation



Achieving an optimal ROI from your car park requires an understanding of the all the factors that influence returns, and then maximising the impact of those that are within your control.


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For clients seeking expert commercial advice aimed at improving returns, there are a number of alternative strategies that can be employed. Our analysis and advice will allow you to identify the areas to focus on in order to access the untapped potential in your car park.

After an assessment of both client and customer needs, our advice may include:

  • Identifying current customer mix as well as the potential customers you may be missing out on.
  • Identifying your most profitable customers and maximising their contribution.
  • Understanding your competitors and any product substitutes.
  • Benchmarking your results against other similar assets and identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Understanding and optimising the use of your existing parking data, especially that captured through equipment (e.g. parking guidance systems).
  • Determining the optimal pricing strategy to maximise yield including active yield management through variable pricing, dynamic pricing and/or online booking and apps.
  • Marketing strategies to promote your car park to your target markets.

Our professionally qualified consultants will provide advice on the management of your car park that is based on years of practical experience across many industry sectors. We can assist you in developing a KPI-driven strategy that achieves the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders, effectively balancing financial considerations with customer service requirements.