The debate about Hospital Parking continues.  The British Parking Association has published this Charter for Hospital Parking to address the issue in the UK.


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The provision of parking at hospitals is an important component of service delivery to patients, staff and visitors alike. For both new and existing sites, the demand for parking now and into the future is a key driver in the development of a sustainable parking strategy.

For existing hospital campuses, we are able to provide expert advice in the form of demand and feasibility studies, car park upgrades, tender and selection of equipment, as well as a range of traffic-related services.

With new “greenfield” developments, we have experience working with the myriad stakeholders involved in major infrastructure projects, from the early design phase right through to operations, management of tenders, equipment specification and installation. We have been involved in a number of PPP consortium bids which have allowed us to have our methodologies tested by a range of investors and government entities.

The efficient management of traffic to, from and around the hospital campus is essential to providing a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors.

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