Green Parking


Green-ParkingThe initial investment of some greening initiatives can be daunting, but payback analysis involves more than just financial considerations. 


Featured Article: “Greening The Lot” – A collaboration of the City of Fort Lauderdale, the International Parking Institute, the Green Parking Council, and Tim Haahs

There are great opportunities to improve sustainability in most car parking structures.

We can provide recommendations to reduce a car park’s carbon footprint, specifically addressing:

  • Car park design and layout of mechanical parking opportunities
  • Car park signage, including dynamic signage and individual space monitoring systems
  • Lighting and dimming
  • Efficient payment options
  • Pricing strategies

Limiting additional parking supply and managing parking fees can contribute in reducing congestion and encouraging modal shift.

Read Cristina Lynn’s article about Green Parking, which explores several initiatives and activities that an owner/operator can undertake to make their car parks more efficient.