Feasibility Studies & Demand Forecasts

Feasibility Studies & Demand Forecasts
Feasibility StudiesUnderstanding current and future demand is the starting point for any sound parking strategy. There is no such thing as free parking!                                                           Talk with one of our experts: Kelvin Worthington or Mary Seymour on +61 2 8920 0800.

We are specialists in the financial analysis of parking and in the preparation of demand studies and financial projections.

Property owners, investors and developers rely on our analyses to guide them with decisions ranging from the introduction of paid parking in shopping centres and airports, to capital raisings and analysis of investment opportunities.

Our approach to parking demand estimates has been developed over a number of years and entails the construction of a model based on a number of essential and detailed “building blocks”.  We have evolved our own proven methodology, which is applied to each category of parker to build a total picture of parking demand.

We conduct detailed surveys and market research to ensure that any decisions on car park capacity are based on actual and expected demand, taking into consideration potential for alternative transport options such as car sharing, carpooling, bicycles and public transport.