Expert Witness


Expert WitnessAn independent opinion on various topics including handling of road works and the valuation of operational agreements.

To discuss our expertise, contact Cristina Lynn (for Parking) on  +61 410 611 137 


 Andrew Morse (for Traffic) on +61 414 618 002 .

PTC has experience in the provision of expert witness services for the Land and Environment Court, the Supreme Court of NSW and the Coroners Court, having presented evidence at numerous cases over the past 10 years.

Cristina Lynn has acted as Expert Witness in a number of cases where an independent expert was required to assess demand and revenue estimates for car parks under various scenarios and assumptions. Our extensive experience in preparing demand and revenue estimates across many business sectors and our independence from car park operators ensures that our expert witness reports provide considered and objective opinions arising from specific legal issues.  The evaluation of a car park’s potential income or unrealised income is within our scope of capability.​

    “I found Ms Lynn to be an excellent witness. She was obviously well qualified to express opinions on the expected income of car parks. She provided detailed and carefully reasoned reports. In cross-examination, she gave clear and plausible reasons for the conclusions that she expressed…” Justice Ball, Supreme Court of NSW

Senior Traffic Engineer, Andrew Morse, has presented evidence for both applicants and Councils. Andrew is also listed as an independent expert for situations in which an applicant and Council may agree to share the expertise of one witness, or where the Court requires a third point of view.