Entertainment & Sports Venues


The challenge is to create a 365-day viable parking business around events.


Please contact Mary Semour on +61 2 8920 0800 to discuss options for your venue.

Entertainment and sporting venues present a unique challenge for owners and operators in terms of parking and traffic management. First order of business is to be able to meet peak demand for parking during events and provide efficient and safe movement of traffic and pedestrians at the venue. An equally important priority is the ability to attract patronage during non-peak times, by offering a competitive and attractive parking option. Once the supply and demand for parking in the “zone of influence” is understood, strategies can be put in place to maximise the return on investment.

We have been involved in several long term projects with major venues and are well placed to provide expert advice on everything from car park design to feasibility studies, pricing strategy, equipment selection and tendering, and all traffic-related services.

PTC worked with VenuesWest on the Perth Arena, which was recognised in 2013 with the Zelman Cohen Award for Public Architecture.

Selected Entertainment & Sports Venue Clients: