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There are many factors which affect the vitality of our town centres, and parking is just one of them.  Click here for a step by step guide to Preparing an Effective Parking Strategy.


If you would like to discuss any particular challenges and how we may assist, contact Mary Seymour on +61 2 8920 0800.

We have worked with many Councils providing expert advice regarding the management of both on-street and off-street parking facilities. We understand the common issues which Councils face, and the necessity to effectively balance the competing interests of stakehholders – residents, businesses, visitors to the area, and of course, the public purse. We have recently received NSW Local Procurement endorsement as an approved contractor assuring our compliance with local government purchasing regulations.

In addition to demand and feasibility studies, we provide performance audits and operational reviews of Council-owned car parks, assist with specification of parking guidance systems or access control equipment (including pay and display and other on-street solutions), as well as wayfinding and signage strategies.

We are specialists in assisting Councils with preparing parking strategies, including the development and management of the community consultation process.

Our traffic engineers are also experienced in preparing Traffic Impact Studies and/or Traffic Management Plans required for Council developments.

Local Government Endorsement:

Local Government Procurement Contractor Approved

Does Parking Affect the Success of the Retail Strip?                      


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