Concept Road & Intersection Design

Concept Road & Intersection Design

Design challenges with your project? Our team brings experience and expertise to develop compliant and creative solutions in every project. 


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This is what a new client recently said to us:

‘I have just emailed some colleagues to ask for a recommendation for a creative traffic engineer & all four recommended Parking & Traffic Consultants’

Developments are not just about the buildings being constructed, they also comprise roads, intersections and public domain areas which connect the developments to the surrounding precincts and suburbs.

Our team of creative and expert engineers work alongside our clients to provide compliant designs that skillfully integrate the internal and external components of both large and small scale developments. We bring a broad array of traffic design skills to each project and will use a creative, collaborative approach to find the optimal solution for your project.

We also provide traffic control signal design (TCS), which complements our traffic modelling and concept intersection design services. We produce detailed TCS designs for signal installation as part of our comprehensive approach to project delivery.