Another astonishing car park design

2017.04.12 ParkingDesign2

The new staff car park of the Cliniques Universities Saint-Luc hospital in Brussels is getting attention for its beautiful structure. The building, housing 985 parking spaces, has a wooden facade with a fluid undulating design to create a unique look. As reported by Web Urbanist, the architects responsible for the project were challenged to develop an impacting building that would serve as a welcoming point of the hospital without disregarding the car park’s functional purpose.

The design incorporates natural canyons to allow daylight and air to reach the lowest levels, resulting in a sinuous look. In addition, the architects included a functional green area on the roof which results in a pleasant view to look at from the adjacent hospital building. Click on the image gallery below to see this amazing car park:

Considering staff parking charges are quite low, it is interesting to see that investments of this nature are being funded regardless of the long pay back period.

Image source: Web Urbanist


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  1. harnadi says:

    Really great car park!

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